Successful Professionals Learned These 3 HUGE Benefits of Networking


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3 HUGE Benefits Of Networking

Raising Your Profile 

The familiarity bias is a driving force behind the automatic assumption that someone or something you have had a lot of exposure to is safe, trustworthy and positive. By regular networking, you have the benefit of being visible and getting noticed. Combine this with a prevalent social media presence, where people are routinely coming across your name and face, and you have industry credibility. Now that you have people’s attention you can actively build your reputation as a knowledgeable, reliable and supportive person by offering expertise and information. Naturally. this has the added effect of increased leads and referrals as you will be top of mind – BECAUSE you put in the face time!

Making Connections


This old adage is timeless for a reason. The primary factor in being successful is building social capital through consistent networking. The best part is that anyone can do this, at any level of career development! The purpose is to cultivate a source of relevant connections so that you can call on them for advice and create alliances. If you want a really successful business, you need highly influential people to tap into for wisdom, guidance and insight. By constantly getting out there and striking up conversations, you also build self-confidence, which makes you more approachable. It’s a feedback cycle that builds your empire of social resources, support and inspiration.



With the right mindset, you can turn every conversation into an opportunityGetting together with other motivated professionals on a regular basis is part of staying inspired by new ideas. Everything from joint ventures and partnerships to public speaking opportunities and plain old client leads are available to those that have open ears and the right attitude. The key here is to create as many networking opportunities for yourself as possible.

Matrix Mortgage Global is hosting the Matrix Mortgage Mixer this Wednesday, September 14 from 6:30-8:30 in downtown Toronto. This is a free networking event for our clients and mortgage agents, so that they may create their own opportunities for building their business and social capital.



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