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Getting a second mortgage is something that many people are exploring today. We offer both second mortgages and home equity loans for homeowners in Peterborough and we can get people in all situations approved for a mortgage that will help them complete their real estate transaction. People get 2nd mortgages for a variety of reasons other than for a mortgage, including paying out consumer proposals, paying off high interest debt without refinancing, paying off property and income tax arrears, or even paying off judgements, garnishments, and liens. Matrix Mortgage Global can help you overcome many different financial situations.

Home Equity Loans

Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers in Peterborough

One of the most intimidating parts of buying a home for first time home buyers is getting a mortgage. For most people coming up with a down payment for purchasing is the hardest part of buying a home. Putting down 5% to 10% of your mortgage costs, in addition to having to pay other fees such as closing costs and home inspection fees, can be a lot for people to manage.

If you want to purchase a house, condo, or townhome in Peterborough, Matrix Mortgage Global can help. We offer first time home buyers with instant mortgage approvals. We won’t leave you in the dark wondering if you are going to be approved. Plus, our mortgage rates will beat the rates of the big banks, something that will save you money long term and help you pay off your home quicker.

If you are sick of debt, we have the remedy for you. Our diverse collection of mortgage solutions makes us your alternative lending specialist for the Peterborough community. When you choose to work with us, you can have the confidence in knowing we will get you the financing you need to achieve your real estate and financial goals and objectives. If you want to buy your first home in Peterborough, Ontario contact our mortgage agents today.

Home Buyers

Mortgages & the Real Estate Market for Peterborough, Ontario

Peterborough, Ontario is a growing small community northeast of Toronto that is popular with commuters and people that want to get away from the big city lifestyle. It is a great alternative real estate market for those that don’t want to pay the high real estate prices in Toronto and want to get more bangs for their buck when investing in real estate. With approximately 80, 000 residents, it is a tight knit community that is a great place to establish roots and have a family.

If you are looking to invest in the Peterborough real estate market, Matrix Mortgage Global is your go to local mortgage brokerage. We know the area and we work with people with all types of financial backgrounds. What makes us unique is that we lend based on equity, not based on credit. If you have equity, then you have options and most of our mortgages are approved on equity, not credit. We understand the community’s needs, real estate, and we are confident we can find you a mortgage for the property you are interested in purchasing.

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