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A second mortgage is a way to take out money on the equity you have built in your home. You can take this money out in the form of a second mortgage, which you would then pay off on a set schedule (like a regular mortgage), or a home equity loan, which you can take from as you choose, and then pay back much like a credit card, wherein you will owe a minimum monthly [payment, but can over and above that as you choose. The staff at Matrix Mortgage can get you approved for a second mortgage or home equity loan in mere minutes!

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Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers in North York

If you are looking to buy your first home in the North York region, then you should strongly consider working with a mortgage broker at Matrix Mortgage. Our brokers have years of experience working with a variety of individuals from all backgrounds, and with a variety of credit histories. Now, more than ever, individuals, particularly those who are buying their first home are turning to mortgage brokers for their mortgage. Why?

They do all the legwork: A mortgage broker will take your information, such as your credit score, income, etc. and then do the shopping for you: they will go around to all of their trusted vendors and see what kind of a mortgage they are able to obtain on your behalf. They will save you the work of shopping around!

They will get you a great rate: A mortgage broker works with many of their lenders on a consistent basis, bringing them many clients. As a result, that vendor typically will offer their brokers a “preferred” interest rate in exchange for the volume of business the broker brings them. So, your mortgage broker will likely get you a much better rate than anyone else could.

A mortgage broker works for you for free: Their fees and commission are paid to them by the lender who you ultimately choose. This means that you are able to get all the benefits of a broker at no cost to you!Whether you are a first time home buyer, or looking for a second mortgage, your first call should be to a Matrix Mortgage broker.

Home Buyers

Mortgages & the Real Estate Market for North York, Ontario

Located in the Northern Central region of the city, North York has some of Toronto’s most affluent neighbourhoods, including Bayview Village and Hogg’s Hollow. North York is a popular area to live for several reasons: it is accessible by TTC (via the Yonge-Sheppard line) as well as via the 401. It is also home to shopping (Yorkdale Shopping Centre is located there), the Downsview Airport, and many corporate offices including The Home Depot, McDonald’s Canada, Td Bank and Deloitte. North York also has a large recreation complex: the Downsview Park Sports Centre, which is used as a practice facility for the Toronto FC.

As of the 2011 census, North York had a population of over 650,000 people. The average house price in North York as of September 2016 was $1,086,865. If you are looking for a home in North York, call Matrix Mortgage. Our brokers have been working in the field for years, and bring you all the advantages of a mortgage broker with years of experience as well.

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