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A second mortgage is one which is taken out on a property which has already been mortgaged. Essentially, you are taking out at least a portion of the equity that you have earned in your home since you got your first mortgage.

Second mortgages can be paid off in two ways: you can set them up to be paid much like your first mortgage, wherein you pay a set amount on a schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc.), or you can set them up more like a credit card payment, wherein you would need to pay a minimum of the interest each month, but can then pay as much or as little on top of that as you wish.

A second mortgage or a home equity loan is a great way to leverage the investment you have already made in your home in cases wherein you need a larger sum of money all at once. This money can be used for anything from needed renovations on your home to paying off consumer proposals or high-interest loans.

At Matrix Mortgage, our second mortgage program gives you the opportunity to take as much as 95% of the equity of your home (Ontario only). Our experienced mortgage brokers can find the perfect solution for you, regardless of whether you have poor credit, are self-employed, or have previously declared bankruptcy.

Home Equity Loans

Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers in Maple

As a first time home buyer, you may be finding the entire process of finding a mortgage to be stressful and difficult, especially if your financial situation is unique in any way. At Matrix Mortgage, our brokers have experience working with a wide variety of situations. This means that regardless of your personal financial situation, our brokers have the experience to find you the right mortgage that will suit your needs, and enable you to purchase your dream home in the Maple area.

Whether you are new to the country, self-employed, or have poor credit, the mortgage brokers at Matrix Mortgage have seen it all, and can work with you to find you the right solution so that you can worry instead about paint colours and furniture for your new home!

Home Buyers

Mortgages & the Real Estate Market for Maple, Ontario

Part of York region, Maple Ontario is a suburb of the larger city of Vaughan. Perhaps most well-known as the home of Canada’s Wonderland, Maple is accessible from both the 400 and 407, and is has stops on the York Region Rapid Transit System.

Maple has grown exponentially over the past several years, as has the entire region of Vaughan. With this growth it should be no surprise that the average price for a detached home in Vaughan was over the $1 million mark as of September 2015. York region as a whole has seen an increase of 14 per cent in the price of a detached single family home since 2014.The mortgage brokers at Matrix Mortgage have the experience and know-how to find you the best possible mortgage solution so that you can purchase a home in Maple, Ontario.

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