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If you already own a home in Brampton, the hot real estate market can work in your favour, as the value of your home has likely increased since you purchased it. This works to your advantage in situations where you may need some additional funds, as you can take out a second mortgage, or a home equity loan. Regardless of why you need the funds, Matrix Mortgage can get you approved for a second mortgage quickly, and without hassle.

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Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers in Brampton

Due to the fact that Brampton has one of the youngest average populations in the GTA, the market for “starter homes”, as well as other options typically chosen by first-time homebuyers, such as condos, can be very competitive. That is why you need a solid, trusted mortgage company on your side, which will help to make your offer more attractive.

As Canada’s Mortgage Company, Matrix Mortgage is uniquely qualified to help you to buy your first home. Whether you are self-employed, in debt, or have another unique situation, we can work with you to ensure that you are able to get a mortgage and afford your dream home in Brampton.

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Mortgages & the Real Estate Market for Brampton, Ontario

Located in the northwestern portion of the GTA, Brampton is a city that has seen significant growth in the past few years. With a population of well over 500,000 people, Brampton is now Ontario’s ninth largest city, and the third largest within the GTA. It’s no surprise the area has seen such rapid growth, given its proximity to major highways (the 404 and 407), as well as to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

Brampton itself has a variety of companies with headquarters or offices in the area, one of the largest being Loblaw Companies Inc. This, coupled with its location, as well as investments in several areas of infrastructure, such as a new hospital, and light rail transit system slated for the next few years makes it likely that the growth Brampton has seen will continue for years to come. The average house price in Brampton continues to rise. As of the end of 2015, the average price for a bungalow in Brampton was $449,093, while two-storeys are $534,392 and condos $247,995.

With such a hot market in the Brampton area, it can be difficult and stressful to look for a home. The home-buying process is normally one which can be difficult, but the added pressure of a hot market can really put it over the top. Due to this, it’s nice to find ways to reduce the stress wherever you can. Working with a mortgage broker is a great way to make the home buying process easier on yourself.

Your mortgage broker will do much of the legwork for you when it comes to finding you the best mortgage rates and terms. They will shop around on your behalf, saving you the time and stress of trying to find the best mortgage. That is why so many people choose to work with a broker at Matrix Mortgage for their mortgage needs.

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