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If you are looking to free up some financial resources, then a home equity loan may be the financial product you need. At Matrix Mortgage Global, we can help you realize short-term goals with a home equity loan. A home equity loan is one of the many financial resources available to homeowners. It is a type of loan whereby homeowners use the equity in their home as collateral. Generally, you have two options—closed end and open end loans. They are both also commonly referred to as a second mortgage. They tend to have a shorter term than regular mortgage terms, making them an ideal solution for a variety of solutions. When you get a home equity loan, it creates a lien against your home, which will reduce the equity in your home to free up money you can use for other financial needs. The amount of loan for which you qualify will depend on the value of your home, which is determined by the lender. It only takes a few minutes to apply to determine the loan amount available to you. Apply Now

Home Equity Loans for All Situations Regardless of Debt, Income, or Credit

While many lenders require a good credit history, at Matrix Mortgage Global, we help homeowners in all financial situations. We can help you regardless of your level of debt, income, or credit history. Because a home is often our most valuable asset, many homeowners use a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) for major items, such as to pay for college education, home improvements, medical bills or a variety of different types of investments. Matrix Mortgage Global’s HELOC mortgage allows you to access up to 80% of the equity in your home for what you need to accomplish. But this is not all. When you get a home equity loan with us, you will have access to an emergency fund should an unforeseen need arise. It is a more cost effective option than getting an unsecured line of credit, and you will not have to apply for a line of credit again. Finally, you are only required to pay back the equity you take out of your home. It is a great financial option for homeowners in many different situations and provides you with the flexibility to manage your most pressing financial needs. Apply Now

Celebrating 10 Years of Solution Based Lending for Home Equity Loans

As a top 75 brokerage in Canada, we are proud to be celebrating 10 years of success in helping our customers utilize home equity loans and other financial lending products to handle their financial needs. We take pride in making it as simple as possible to secure home equity loans, regardless of your current situation. If at any time you have questions about your home equity loan options, our mortgage professionals are always here to help. Our dedication to great service is one of the many reasons we have grown into the country’s mortgage company. Apply Now

Current Mortgage

  • Home Worth $450,000
  • Current Interest Rate 5.0%
  • Current Payment $1,500
  • $200,000 Mortgage
  • $25,000 Car Payment $500/month
  • $25,000 Credit Cards $750/month
  • $200,000 Mortgage $1,500/month
  • Total $2,750/month

HELOC Mortgage

  • Home Worth $450,000
  • Current Interest Rate 3.50%
  • Current Payment $1,050
  • $280,000 Mortgage
  • $25,000 Car Payment Paid
  • $25,000 Credit Cards Paid
  • $250,000 Mortgage $1,189/month
  • Total $1,050/month

You Save $1,700/month!!!


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