Debt Consolidation Solutions in Oakville

With a debt consolidation mortgage, you can simplify your financial condition. At present, a majority of the population use credit cards, retail cards and also have some personal loans. At the end of the month when the monthly statement arrives it may become troublesome to pay for all of them and only the interest or the minimum balance amount is paid. Consolidation mortgage end this dilemma. Read on to find out how. To apply for a consolidation mortgage loan, contact Matrix Mortgage in Oakville.

How does consolidation mortgage work?

This type of mortgage allows you to consolidate all your debts using the money in your home. When you consolidate all your debts in your home mortgage, there are a lot of advantages that you benefit from. To start with, credit card interest rates can range between anything from 10% to 29% but the interest rates on home mortgages are low. Which means, it would be easier for you to pay off your debts without spending extra on your monthly payments. This may give you some peace of mind and you can start off a plan on how to quickly pay off all your debts and relieves some load off your shoulders.

Consolidating your debts is a very cost-efficient way save on loan interests. Not to mention, you will still have good credit rating as you will not be missing on payments or paying any type of penalty fees. At Matrix Mortgage we have a very quick turnaround time of processing mortgage loans. If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch with us. We are a long-standing private loan lending company based in Oakville. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to resolve any queries you might have regarding mortgage loans. Call us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Advice on mortgage solutions

Backed up by over 10 years of experience in this line of trade, our experts at Matrix Mortgage can offer you a varied range of mortgage solutions that help you in during a financial crisis. Based on your situation we can advise you what type of mortgage loan can you opt for.

If you are thinking about your bad credit history, low present income or amount of debt, let us worry about that. We aim to help you in your time of need. One of the options that you can go for a consolidation mortgage loan. This allows you to use the equity of your home to pay your debts and improve your credit score and all of this without touching the first mortgage.

We also have a programme called the Matrix Mortgage debt reduction programme which reduces the amount you pay to your creditors as much as 50% without filing for bankruptcy. We always have your best interests in mind.

We offer considerably competitive interest rates with respect to our competition, you can have a look in the market before visiting us. All our team members are professional mortgage brokers and we have the knowledge and expertise with your financial problems. Contact us today for more details.

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If you are tired of repaying multiple debts and are looking for a solution, we are here for you. We offer quality and reliable debt consolidation services, all you have to do is discuss your needs with our mortgage brokers and we will do the rest.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Solution Based Lending for Debt Consolidation Mortgages

For more than a decade, we have provided homeowners just like you with debt consolidation mortgages and other mortgage solutions to help you improve your financial situation, lower interest rates, and get access to money. With interest rates still near an all-time low, it just makes sense to consolidate all of your debt. Contact us today to learn more about your debt consolidation options. Expect fast turnaround on approvals and closing. We look forward to having you as a customer.

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