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Mortgage Business

Matrix Mortgage Global is Canada’s #1 Fastest-Growing Brokerage and Employer of Choice. We are providing growth-oriented individuals the opportunity to become a mortgage agent on either a full-time or part-time basis. Matrix is licensed Canada-Wide and offers new agents - as well as agents coming from other brokerages - the industry’s most robust sales training and lead generation program, along with extensive back-end support to convert your business. Our industry-leading marketing and underwriting processes make us the brokerage of choice for aspiring real estate and mortgage magnates.


Start Your Own Mortgage Business

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100% Virtual

  • Weekly Training Online
  • Marketing Online
  • Approval Signed Online
  • Work From Anywhere

100% Virtual

  • Weekly Training Online
  • Marketing Online
  • Approval Signed Online
  • Work From Anywhere

Immediate Start

Get Registered

  • Sign Up Online
  • Or
  • In Person

Get Trained (Online)

  • Set up email, website, cards
  • Phase 1 Training – Orientation (5 days)
  • Phase 2 Training – Sales & Lender Knowledge (ongoing)

Marketing & Underwriting

  • Join marketing campaign – train with live deals!
  • Use Back Office Support to help close your deals
  • Re-Invest to keep your pipeline full. Earn $100k+

We Make Success Inevitable

Virtual Training
Weekly Lender Presentations combined with onboarding and continuous sales training keep you in the loop from anywhere.
Lead Generation
Guarantee that your phone will ring and you’ll make back your investment when you sign up for our marketing program. 20-30 leads guaranteed per month.
Marketing Materials
Keep your social media presence up with marketing materials provided by our graphics & advertising department.
Access to Private Funds
The real competitive advantage – being able to do what other agents can’t! Exclusive access to private funds across Canada.
Back Office Support
Get support & guidance so you can take on more business with licensed support staff to assist with closing deals.
24/7 Chat Service
Have a question? Ask any time on our Google Hangouts chat and the whole team is there to help.

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