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  • Call 24/7 live support

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About Us


Matrix Mortgage Global is Canada’s Mortgage Company. We are an experienced team of mortgage agents and brokers with backgrounds in financial planning, investments & real estate. Since 2008, we have provided thousands of Canadians with the mortgage solutions they need to improve their financial situation. We have worked hard to build the resources, knowledge and confidence to meet our client’s individual needs.

We have 3 offices in the Greater Toronto Area and have over 100 mortgage agents to help you with all your mortgage needs. We are high producing, high quality, award winning, experienced professionals who are industry advocates that demonstrate extensive due diligence on every application processed. Our reputation for working with our credit challenged clients to consolidate debt, preventing power of sales and rebuilding credit are just some of our key attributes.



Matrix Mortgage Global is an elite mortgage brokerage specializing in residential and commercial mortgages. We are experts at helping secure funds for difficult to place mortgage for home and business owners. Whether you are self-employed, operate a small business, own a home or a condo, we have a solution for you! Working with more than 100 different lending partners allows us to offer a variety of mortgage solutions to our customers including mortgage renewals, refinancing, second mortgages, home equity loans, bridge loans and other specialized mortgage products.

We understand that mortgages can seem daunting to many Canadians. The applications, paper work and knowing which advice to follow can be overwhelming. We are here to help. Our trusted mortgage brokers will work with you to explore your mortgage options and find a financial solution that meets your unique needs.


Our team of mortgage brokers is committed to helping you find the best mortgage solution possible. We understand that your financial needs and situation is unique. We will never try to push a solution that does not make sense for you. We genuinely care about your financial health and wellbeing and we have the track record of success to prove it. This is a reason why we are a TOP 75 BROKERAGE in Canada. We always put your needs first.

As part of our commitment to you, we also strive to make the mortgage application process as quick and simple as possible. We know you don’t want to deal with a long and drawn out process. This is why we are dedicated to providing fast turnovers on mortgage approvals and closings and we’ll provide you with solutions that will beat the banks rate. When you work with us you can expect instant mortgage approvals in 10 minutes and lower mortgage rates than the bank. We will not be undersold and we will beat any offer your bank provides. Guaranteed!

Our team of mortgage professionals is here to help, regardless of our current financial situation. Contact us today to explore your mortgage solution options.


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